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buy Lyrica medicine Our printing services offer a full range of products, utilising the highest quality papers, canvases and inks available in the market today. Our wide format inkjet printer is capable of printing up to 1.1m (44”) wide, and can cater for images as long as you need. We have a comprehensive range of print media, including numerous different art papers, canvases, photographic papers and fabrics, as well as photographic plastic, wallpaper and metallic photo papers. We are always looking at new products and if there are any special requests, we can happily assist in finding the perfect answer for your application.

Art Papers

Highly Textured Elite Art Paper – 320gsm

buy provigil online usa Archival, acid free, 100% cotton rag art paper, is a wonderfully made French cold press, textured art paper with the sharp random texture. It has a more flexible nature that only cotton rag can provide, while being 320gsm in thickness. The paper has a pleasant, natural tone without any optical brighteners, which is perfect for artwork reproductions.


Softly Textured Somerset Enhanced Velvet – 255gsm

100% cotton paper has a natural white tone with a velvety fine art texture. One of the first inkjet production papers, this mouldmade paper has consistently been a benchmark for artwork reproductions and photography printing. The paper produces exceptional depth of colour, whilst the soft texture adds a subtle fine art aspect to the print, making it perfect for consistent limited editions.


Medium Textured Museo Max Fine Art – 250gsm

This 100% cotton rag fine art paper boasts coming from one of the oldest paper makers in the world. It has set the standard for future papers with its advanced coating technology and use of the worlds finest cotton paper knowledge. The paper is acid and lignin free, with no optical brighteners and is of the highest archival quality. Also with an option of a protective coating, artists can enhance the reproduction with further acrylics, pastels or pencils.


Smooth Textured Museo Portfolio Rag – 300gsm

Using the same technology the Museo cotton papers are famous for, the portfolio rag paper provides outstanding image quality on a smooth surfaced paper, suitable for museum exhibition and portfolio prints. The paper is 100% cotton with a neutral pH, and is also acid and brightener free. The super smooth appearance will not distract your photographic images from their bold colours and intricate tones, while the archival quality will insure them for years to come. Also with an option of a protective coating, artists can enhance the reproduction with further acrylics, pastels or pencils.


Matte Finish Moab Lasal Paper – 230gsm

A very versatile paper, perfect for general photos, books, portfolios or proof printing. It has brilliant white characteristics while also being pH neutral as well as acid and lignin free. This matte paper still has an excellent archival quality, whilst boasting exceptionally sharp and vivid images.


Photographic Papers

Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster – 300gsm

A triple resin coated photographic paper with an archival nature, has a neutral yet almost luminescent white point. This makes it perfect for displaying spectacular colours and the brightest whites, while the Lucia inks that we use also ensure the deepest of blacks. The heavy acid free base ensures the longevity of the paper, while the prismatic front surface is ozone and scuff resistant. The 300gsm gives the paper a more substantial feel and lowers the risk of kinks and waves in larger exhibition prints.


Moab Lasal Alpine Luster – 240gsm

From the same family of paper as the Exhibition Luster, the Alpine Luster is the medium weight version. Much the same characteristics, with a resin coated, brilliant white satin finish. The 240gsm is a great medium for quality assured prints, where the weight and strength of the paper isn’t necessarily the priority. The appearance and archival qualities of the paper is very much the same, and maintains the excellent characteristics for sharp and vivid images.


Moab Lasal Proof-Photo Luster – 190gsm

Still considered a medium weight paper, the photo-proof paper is a perfect economical everyday photographic paper. Again, maintaining the same features of the heavier Moab options with the same resin coated, brilliant white satin finish, as well being pH neutral and acid free. The proof-photo luster is simply a lighter version, while still maintaining the same appearance and excellent image quality characteristics.


Professional Glossy Film – 225gsm

This very durable 100% archival polyester film is a very effective super glossy film, with many different applications. The closest form of modern day printing, compared to the older Cibachrome and Ilfochrome printing techniques. A perfect solution for face mounted acrylics, high quality signage or hot laminates, as the strength of the polyester also protects from tears, warping, ripples or air bubbles. The printing outcome resembles a gloss of pure water with a metallic effect, while the polyester base provides a very bright neutral white.

Although the inks used are not water resistant, the polyester protects from humidity and water making it perfect for face mounting, while the super high gloss nature combined with tear resistance and high colour vibrancy, makes it a perfect product for quick and very effective images, banners and roll up displays.


Metallic Pearl Moab Slickrock Photopaper – 260gsm

This is the highest quality archival metallic inkjet paper on the market to date. If you are looking to enhance your images with a metallic look, this will transform an image into a lifelike, almost 3D quality image. Black & White images shine on this paper, with deep dark blacks and ultra bright highlights. The super smooth surface helps to showcase vibrant colours with a slight warming tone, making it ideal for everyday images to appear metallic with a unique and high quality twist.



Premium Edition Canvas – 430gsm

The Premium Edition canvas is a bright white product with excellent water resistance and stretching qualities. The canvas is archival and acid free and made from a 70/30-cotton/polyester blend for maximum dimensional stability and limited shrinkage. Its already strong characteristics are enhanced with the Giclée protective coating, which is added once printed, to ensure extreme strength for stretching and resistance to the elements. The canvas contains a very mild optical brightener to ensure the prints produced are of the highest quality reproduction level.



Revivawall High Tack Adhesive Polyester Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper has never been easier with this permanent, yet removable self-adhesive woven fabric. This pure polyester fibre has been treated with a high quality photographic coating to help make durable bright colours. With the post addition of a protective coating, much the same as canvas, the wallpaper will be water and scratch resistant. The special removable adhesive won’t strip the paint or leave any residue on most painted surfaces.



Belgian Linen

This course cotton material has long been considered the finest material available for fine art reproductions. The ultimate in canvas display material, it can be used in much the same way. While it is common to stretch the material on a stretcher bar, this linen can also be used for quilting and pillows etc.


Pure Cotton

The best of the fabrics for its reproduction of intense colours, the cotton fabric is dense enough to replicate the original image. A clear coating can be added to improve its vibrancy and help protect the inks. While it is, again, suitable for quilting and pillows etc., bright and colourful displays, lampshades and cushions are also where this material exceeds expectations.



These silk materials are delicate in appearance, yet durable. Silk has a very open weave, which creates soft colours once printed, but also helps add to the subtle appearance. Available in a couple of different thicknesses, also with the protection coating optional, these silk products are perfect for a delicate appearance in any fabric work.


Print Handling

Because of their sensitive and water soluble nature, digital prints require the highest level of care when handling and framing. White gloves should always be worn when working with the prints, and the artwork should be handled and transported on a clean rigid support sheet, such as archival corrugated plastic or foam centerboard. Never stack digital prints, covered or uncovered, and store them in metal print drawers.

Canvas based digital prints should be handled in the same manner, however, they are treated with a Giclée archival protective coating, specially designed for inkjet printable canvases. This will help to protect against scratches, moisture and fungi, while blocking ultra violet light and providing a cleanable satin finish.